Mens Salon Created By Cleveland Brown’s Linebacker

BUTLERCleveland Browns’ linebacker Karlos Dansby is trained to keep his eyes on the ball and execute successful plays.

Those lessons from the football field are coming in handy as the NFL player sharpens his entrepreneurial chops.

Dansby, 34, and business partner Chris Butler, 35, want to corner the market for men’s high-end grooming products and services.

Together they invested $250,000 and launched a men’s-only salon — Butler’s Grooming Club — in their hometown of Birmingham, Ala., in 2009.

The idea was to create a “man cave where guys can get away and be comfortable among their own,” said Dansby. “They can relax, drink, play pool and get a haircut, shave, manicure, facial, even get waxed.”

Today the salon takes walk-in customers and also has 300 members who pay $90 a month for grooming packages and unlimited shoe shines.

Dansby and Butler played football together at Auburn University. While Dansby got drafted into the NFL, Butler became a banker.

The two stayed in touch and seven years ago, Butler floated the idea of a men’s grooming salon.

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