Melody S. Perry


    Melody S. Perry?

    Manager, Studio Operations


    Brooklyn, NY

    Age: 34



    Melody S. Perry heads studio operations at Amazon, managing the apparel business and visual aspects of ?I am responsible for anything you see on that is apparel-based. That includes juniors, menswear, dresses, etc. When the products arrive at our studios, I work with the photographers and models to get the photos taken and uploaded. Then, I work with our retail partners to make sure their needs have been met,? she explains. ? ?


    These responsibilities aside, Perry has taken on the role of a leader. Shortly after joining the company, she noticed that it offered just six weeks of parental leave. ?Compared to industry standards, we were lagging far behind,? she says. She prepared an analysis, complete with financial modeling and presented it to senior management. When all was said and done, six weeks of parental leave became five months. ?That was a year?s worth of financial modeling and now we are rolling it out globally. I was pretty proud of myself,? Perry recalls. She?s also proud of the presidential award she received when she worked at NBC Universal. At the time, she was charged with devising a strategy to increase revenue for the company?s retail operation team. Her ideas helped to bring traffic into the NBC Experience Store, almost tripling revenue that year. For Perry, these two successes underscore what she does best: problem-solving and utilizing her analytical skills. ? ?


    A graduate of both New York University and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Perry describes herself as a thrill-seeker outside of work. She has traveled all over the world to pursue such adventures as skydiving, hang-gliding, snowboarding and skiing. She hopes to travel even more in the future. ?I have extended family all over the world. The only continent I have not yet been to is Australia, and I?m going next week!? she beams.