Meet Raina Shaw, The Salon Chair Therapist

Raina ShawThere is a reason they call Raina Shaw ?The Salon Chair Therapist.? Not only does she make people look beautiful with her hair styling, but she lends an ear to their problems, concerns and issues. You see, Shaw is also a Certified Life Coach.

But before she got into the hair business, Shaw had a successful career as an entertainment professional in the fields of radio, music and publishing. ?She worked as a consultant for several music executives and record labels such as Airtight Entertainment and Anansi/JAD Records, working with music entrepreneur Don Taylor, manager for top artists such as Bob Marley, L.A. Reid and Kenny ?Babyface? Edmonds, Soul II Soul and numerous other popular artists, producers and songwriters.

She was even a fashion model in Los Angeles, Paris, and San Francisco.

Here, Shaw talks to How did you get into the field?

?Raina Shaw: I got into the cosmetology officially 12 years ago when I changed careers but I?ve always been into beauty and hair care from a very young age because I come from a long line of stylish women that were really into hair care.? Also, I got tired of going to the salon and having to be there all day because the stylist overbooked and was not considerate of my time. Consequently, I started doing my own hair again and tapped into another gift and talent that became my current career. Was this always your passion??

RS: Yes. I?ve always loved fashion and beauty.?? How did you become known as the Salon Chair Therapist?

?RS: ?The salon is one place where women can talk freely without fear of reprisal. I am a good listener and I have given my clients some good advice over the years that netted them great results when applied. I encourage my clients to cultivate their beauty – inside and out – by taking care of their health and mental health, etc. A fabulous hairstyle can only take one so far. It is important to be a woman of substance. What are your goals for 2015??

RS: I would like to heavily promote my blog site, Raina Shaw, that encourages women to go for the good life in all areas. I would like to be a fashion and beauty correspondent for television and build my clientele in one of my favorite European cities.??? What do you love about your career??

RS: ?I love encouraging women to be fabulous and put themselves first sometimes. I encourage them to have flexible schedules and interact and work with great people.?? What have been some career obstacles and how did you overcome them??

RS: ?The salons that I started out in had no togetherness. It was an ?every man for himself? environment. I really had no one to take me under her wing. I overcame by working hard, staying focused and continuing my education so that I could be adept in cut, color, extensions etc. Being excellent and a perfectionist is how I overcame the lack of camaraderie. Satisfied clients kept me in the game!