Meet One of Nigeria’s Most Successful Designers, Ad?le Dejak

Adele DejakAd?le Dejak is considered one of the most success Nigerian jewelry and accessories designers currently on the market.? Her Ad?le Dejak brand, sold worldwide via online, creates handmade fashion accessories inspired by African shapes, textures, and using traditional techniques.

Dejak grew up loving fashion and accessories. ?From making personal jewelry from different items to a jewelry making life, I ventured into fashion due to my mother?s influence. She used to dress us up in clothes that stood out. I got my style from her,? says the Nigerian-born Dejak, whose line of sculptural fashion accessories are designed in gold, bone, ostrich shell and traditional cloth. ?I also wanted to express myself in a very distinctive way. I loved jewelry ever since I was young. I would make my personal jewelry from bits and pieces that interested me. I remember once attending a dinner function wearing jewelry that I had made and everyone loved it . From there on, I felt the urge to create something unique.?

Her heritage has greatly influenced her designs. ?I was born in Nigeria, my father was from England and my mother is from Nigeria. I spent most of my time in England as I was schooling there. I studied typography in London; I later went to Italy where I worked as the art director for a magazine,? explains Dejak, who is now based in Nigeria. Expanding, Dejak is launching AD Interiors, a collection of lights and objects for the home. ?
And Dejak feels it is important to handcraft all the items. ?The hands tell a story that cannot be told until they work. Handcrafted items have a story they tell; they carry with them the ?DNA? of the maker. That is why all our products are handmade,? says Dejak, who has self-funded her company for the last 10 years. And in 2013, Adele Dejak Limited inherited the Magik Grace Art & Design Company, which is also owned by Dejak. ?Magik Grace Art & Design was started in 2008. This change was a move to create a clearer brand identity. Adele Dejak Limited continues the same operations as Magik Grace Art & Design Limited as everything associated with the company was transferred directly to Adele Dejak Limited,? says the designer.

Looking ahead, Dejak says, ?Our main goal is to increase sales growth by 50 percent from the previous years as well as increase our stock to different parts of the world as Adele Dejak is an international brand and among the leading African Luxury Brands.? Dejak really enjoys what she does, and has no plans on stopping. She says, ?I get to create stunning and amazing pieces for the modern woman as well as create employment.?