Meat-Eaters Outraged By Cecil’s Death

CECILCecil the lion has grabbed headlines since his recent death at the hands of American dentist and big-game hunter Walter Palmer.

The 13-year-old Southwest African lion, a major attraction at Zimbabwe?s Hwange National Park, was reportedly lured outside of the protected sanctuary where he lived, wounded with an arrow, and later shot and killed by Palmer. (Palmer recently contacted authorities and admitted to the killing, NBC News reports.) Animal conservationists, politicians, celebrities, and the general public have repeatedly expressed outrage about the killing.

Then, attention was turned to Jericho, the brother of Cecil, after reports falsely stated that he had also been killed. A tweet issued by the University of Oxford, which tracked Cecil and Jericho, confirming Jericho?s well-being was retweeted more than 1,000 times:

Zimbabwe has suspended the hunting of all of its wildlife after officials announced that a second American illegally killed a lion on land where hunting is forbidden, the Associated Press reports. Gynecological oncologist Jan Casimir Seski is accused of killing the lion in April, according to the AP.

News about the lions has spawned thousands of online comments, posts, and tweets. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel even choked up on his show while talking about Cecil?s death.

But why is there such outrage over the death of an animal we?ve never met ? outrage that seems to be shared by vegetarians and meat-eaters alike?

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