MC Hammer Takes On Google With WIREDoo

MC HammerMC Hammer. Of course, most everyone remembers HammerTime in the?80s, and the mega success Stanley Kirk Burrell had as a rapper. At one point, Hammer employed nearly 200 people and was raking in a reported $33 million. And then came his tremendous downfall, bankruptcy and debt. But what many don?t know is that after making a less spectacular comeback as a Hip Hop Gospel artist and preacher, Hammer dabbled in Silicon Valley. He actually became a consultant to various tech start-ups, investing in some, and inking a?promotional deal with iPad case-maker Zagg.

Now Hammer has announced he will launch his own Internet search engine. Dubbed?WIREDoo, the search engine has been two years in the making. According to Hammer, his search engine will work differently than the already established ones such as Google.?WIREDoo won?t merely be about finding results through key words. Instead, results will come from what Burrell calls “relationship search”, which are more in-depth. WIREDoo will offer users “deep search” ability, as Burrell explained recently at a press announcement of WIREDoo?s potential launch. The tagline for the upcoming product will be “WIREDoo: Search once and see what’s related”.

Tech expert Warren Holyfield, CEO of?A-Advantage Networking, Inc., thinks WIREDoo has a chance to be a Cyber?success. “I strongly believe that WIREDoo will prove to be a viable tool and engine for reaching target markets and demographics. It will be interesting in watching its evolution and effectiveness in market penetration,” says Holyfield. “I believe that it can be successful on a measured basis. I believe it could be an engine that?s captured by local business-centric areas to targeted areas.”

Holyfield says it is a great time to develop new social media tools, as the public is yearning for new online innovations. “Hammer is on track with entering the digital arena. As long as his strategy remains isolated, targeted, and provides a positive value,” he notes.

WIREDoo is currently in the?pre-beta stage. On its website,?people can sign up to test the search engine when a beta release is ready. WIREDoo’s target launch date is set for the end of this quarter.