MBDA Awards $7.8 Million in Grants to Advance the Growth of U.S. Minority Businesses

    April 6, 2011 17:57 UTC

    MBDA Awards $7.8 Million in Grants to Advance the Growth of U.S.
    Minority Businesses

    Funding will support 27 MBDA Business Centers, including two new
    centers in Cleveland and Denver

    The U.S. Department of Commerce?s Minority Business Development Agency
    (MBDA) today announced $7.8 million in funding for 27 MBDA Business
    Centers (MBC) located across the country to boost job creation and
    foster the economic growth of minority firms in the United States, the
    District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

    MBDA Business Centers assist minority entrepreneurs with access to
    markets, contracts and capital and offer strategic business consulting
    services to facilitate 21st century growth in today?s global
    economy. MBCs interface directly with minority business owners and
    managers at the local level and provide enhanced assistance through
    MBDA?s national strategic partners, both within the Federal government
    and the private sector.

    ?The MBDA Business Center program has shown remarkable success, and with
    a renewed focus on job creation in high-growth industries that leverages
    global business opportunities and teaming arrangements, we?ve raised the
    performance bar,? said MBDA National Director David Hinson. ?MBCs are
    catalysts for minority business development, and by investing in these
    centers at the local level, we will see reverberating effects throughout
    the national economy.?

    The newly restructured MBC program extends the cooperative agreements
    from three to five years and expands the reach of the MBC nationwide
    network to meet President Obama?s challenge to out-innovate, out-build,
    and out-educate the rest of the world. Two new centers will serve
    minority businesses in Cleveland, Ohio, and Denver, Co., and join MBDA?s
    Business Center network.

    ?A new MBDA Business Center in Cleveland will not only boost the local
    minority business community but also create additional economic benefits
    for the entire region as well,? said Andrew Jackson, operator of the
    Cleveland MBC.

    ?We look forward to a operating a MBDA Business Center and building more
    competitive minority business enterprises both across the state and the
    country,? said Stan Sena, operator of the Denver MBC.

    While each of the 27 centers are strategically located in areas with
    significant minority business activity, the redesigned program?s broad
    geographic focus aims to help all minority enterprises, regardless of
    where they are located.

    MBCs will play a particularly important role in helping minority-owned
    businesses increase their exports. In an increasingly global economy,
    where opportunities are just as likely to be found overseas as they are
    around the corner, minority businesses are critical to achieving the
    goals of President Obama?s National Export Initiative.

    ?Minority-owned businesses excel at exporting, and with unique language
    and cultural connections to other countries, they are exporting
    powerhouses with great potential for growth,? Hinson said.

    Minority business owners who are interested in receiving assistance from
    an MBDA Business Center can find their closest center by visiting www.mbda.gov.

    FY 2011 MBDA Business Center grant recipients include:

    ? ? ? ? ?

    MBC Location
    (State, City)


    Federal Funding
    Per Year

    ? Cooperative Agreement Partners
    Alabama ? Mobile ? $230,000 ? Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce
    Arizona – Phoenix ? $290,000 ? Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
    California ? Los Angeles ? $365,000 ? University of Southern California
    California ? San Jose ? $365,000 ? Asian, Inc.
    Colorado ? Denver ? $243,359 ? Rocky Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council
    Florida ? Miami ? $332,112 ? M. Gill & Associates, Inc.
    Florida ? Orlando ? $230,000 ? Florida Minority Supplier Development Council
    Georgia ? Atlanta ? $250,000 ? Georgia Tech Research Corporation
    Hawaii ? Honolulu ? $295,500 ? University of Hawaii
    Illinois ? Chicago ? $590,400 ? Chicago Minority Supplier Development Council
    Indiana ? Indianapolis ? $225,000 ? Indiana Business Diversity Council
    Michigan ? Detroit ? $290,000 ? Michigan Minority Business Development Council
    Mississippi ? Biloxi ? $250,000 ? Mississippi Development Authority
    Nevada ? Las Vegas ? $270,000 ? New Ventures Capital Development Company
    New Mexico ? Albuquerque ? $237,957 ? NEDA Business Consultants, Inc.
    New York ? Manhattan ? $500,000 ? National Community Reinvestment Coalition, Inc.
    New York ? Williamsburg ? $291,000 ? ODA Community Development Corporation
    North Carolina ? Raleigh ? $250,000 ? North Carolina Institute of Minority Economic Development
    Ohio ? Cleveland ? $225,000 ? Economic Growth Foundation
    Pennsylvania ? Philadelphia ? $275,000 ? The Enterprise Center
    Puerto Rico ? San Juan ? $241,000 ? Asociac?on Productos de Puerto Rico
    South Carolina ? Columbia ? $250,000 ? DESA, Inc.
    Texas ? Dallas ? $295,238 ? Dallas/Fort Worth Minority Supplier Development Council
    Texas ? El Paso ? $228,378 ? El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
    Texas ? San Antonio ? $242,490 ? University of Texas at San Antonio
    Washington ? Seattle ? $270,000 ? Seattle Business Assistance Center
    Washington, District of Columbia ? $301,000 ? National Community Reinvestment Coalition, Inc.
    ? ?

    About the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)

    an agency within the U.S. Department of Commerce, promotes the growth
    and global competitiveness of the minority business community, making
    them better equipped to create jobs, impact local economies and compete
    successfully in domestic and global marketplaces. With a nationwide
    network of more than 40 business centers and strategic partners, MBDA
    assists minority entrepreneurs and business owners with consulting
    services, contract and financing opportunities, bonding and
    certification services, building business-to-business alliances and
    executive training.


    Bridget Gonzales, 202-482-6272

    Source: Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)