Mazda recalls more than 52,000 Tribute SUVs

WASHINGTON (AP) ? Mazda says it’s recalling more than 52,000 Tribute SUVs from the 2001 and 2002 model years because of possible brake fluid leaks.

The automaker says that some of the vehicles’ brake master cylinder reservoir cap can leak brake fluid. If that happens, the fluid could corrode electrical connectors in the vehicle’s brake system. That could lead to melting, smoke or a fire.

The automaker says it will notify owners, replace the reservoir cap and modify the brake system for free.

Until the repairs are made, Mazda Motor Corp. says owners should park the 52,390 vehicles in question outside.

Earlier this month, Ford Motor Co. recalled 244,530 Escape SUVs made during the same model years for the same problem.

Ford partnered with Mazda to jointly produce vehicles for many years and still owns a small stake in the automaker.