Maureen E. Archibald

Maureen E. Archibald
Executive Director,
Harvest of Hope Family Services Network Inc.
New Jersey??

As executive director at Harvest of Hope Family Services Network Inc., Maureen E. Archibald is living her dream of impacting the lives of children. Archibald has worked in child welfare for more than 22 years and her passion, dedication and penchant goes far beyond the call of duty.? ?We as citizens and lawmakers have responsibilities to our children. What will be the future of our country if we don?t guarantee the best outcome for our children?? she declares.

Because she excelled in the sciences, Archibald initially considered a career in biomedical engineering. While attending Howard University, however, she joined the student government and her passion for human services began to evolve. She earned a bachelor?s degree in social work at Howard, and followed it with a master?s in the same subject at Adelphi University. Now Archibald dreams of taking her influence beyond the United States to impact the lives of children around the world, firm in her belief that every child everywhere ?should have an adult who gives unconditional love and support and who is available to provide care and guidance.? She adds, ?I am passionate about young people, so whenever I get an opportunity to serve, I take it.? To that end, she works with the planning committees of the Child Welfare League of America and the National Council for Adoption, advocating for children, including those who ?age out? of the foster care system, and shaping policies that expedite and improve the process for foster care and adoption of children. ?I want to fulfill a bigger purpose. Like the United Healthcare
ad says, ?When I leave this world, I wanted to leave exhausted,?? she says.

Archibald expresses great pride in her son, Jason. When she isn?t busy advocating for children, she enjoys tennis and running and hopes to complete a half marathon one day.????