Mastering the Art of Pressure

WorkLife is hard as it is, and with the added pressure of deadlines and tasks business leaders have to take on, it?s incredibly challenging to manage an entire company. Leading a business while managing stress can certainly take a toll on most people, however, the biggest hurdle is taking the pressure you?re experiencing and turning it into brilliant work.

Knowing how to manage your to-do list and provide thoughtful feedback during every business meeting is truly an art, especially for business leaders. By the time you reach a leadership role, some people have learned how to work well under pressure but others continue to struggle in this department.

If you can?t easily relate to your colleagues? efficiencies, perhaps you may find the following tips helpful. By utilizing these tips on a daily basis, you will lower your chances of feeling burnt out and improve your chances of completing business goals much more quickly and efficiently.

Use Your Problem Solving Skills
You are probably already talented at solving problems before and after they happen. Right now, your problem is stress. Tackle it by managing your to-do list and delegate any ?small? tasks or duties you know others can complete. Prioritize the tasks only you can do and focus on those all day.

Maintain a Respectful Environment
Sometimes, leaders fail to realize that stress can create rude or impatient behavior. It can also build tension in the office as your team works closely on projects alongside you. To prevent a tense and negative work environment, maintain an optimistic and respectful culture by complimenting your team on their efforts and closing your door when you need uninterrupted focus on a task. This gives you and your team the motivation to continue producing even more creative work.

Build Stimulation
It is very important to make time in your busy schedule to take a break and recharge. Whether it is during lunch or in between meetings, relaxing activities like reading interesting articles or taking a walk can stimulate your brain and create more creative and smarter ideas once you get back on track.

Sleep Well
In order to succeed at work, you must be well rested and ready for anything. We have all heard this many times before yet we often forget and think our job is more important than our health. According to Dr. Travis Bradbury, a world-renowned expert in emotional intelligence, it is only when you?re asleep that your brain is able to remove toxic proteins, which are by-products of neural activity when you?re awake. By sleeping, you are preparing your body for another day of clear focus and sharper memory.

As a business leader, you are fully aware of how much your company needs you, but you also understand the importance of teamwork. By taking the time to rest and take better control of how you spend your time at work, you are unburdening yourself with numerous tasks and trusting the team you hired to help make your vision a reality.

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