Massachusetts Governor Takes Aim at Romney Record

Deval PatrickThe man who succeeded Mitt Romney as governor of Massachusetts delivered a fiery message to Democrats ? show some backbone.

Gov. Deval?Patrick, who took the helm in Massachusetts in 2007, energized the delegates Tuesday night with a harsh attack on Romney’s record in the statehouse. He dismissed Republican policies and implored Democrats to help President Barack Obama secure another term.

“If we want to win elections in November and keep our country moving forward, if we want to earn the privilege to lead, my message is this: It’s time for Democrats to grow a backbone and stand up for what we believe!” Patrick said to a roar from the crowd.

“Quit waiting for pundits or polls or super PACs to tell us who the next president or senator or congressman is going to be. We’re Americans. We shape our own future. Let’s start by standing up for President Barack Obama.”

Patrick, a good friend of President Barack Obama, says that by the time Romney left office, the state was 47th in the nation in job creation and household income was declining. Patrick says Romney cut education spending and left the state with crumbling roads and higher business taxes.

Romney talks about all the things he has fixed, Patrick told the crowd, but he said Massachusetts was not one of them.