Martine J. Cadet




Martine J. Cadet
Vice President, Global Enablement
New York, N.Y.

In times of chaos or need of fresh thinking, Martine Cadet is a go-to individual. Vice president of Global Enablement at Infor, a global enterprise software provider, Cadet prides herself in being able to ?look at a complex situation and go straight to work, figuring out how to create order and build a plan to get done what needs to be done.? Her sister, she observes, likens her to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) because she supports friends and family in times of emotional and other pressing needs. In that regard, Cadet confesses that she hopes to set up a secure financial future that her nieces, nephews and their offspring may one day rely on.

Cadet is responsible for ensuring that Infor?s in-house talent has the skills, resources, training and development to thrive in their careers and can outperform Infor?s business objectives and goals. Externally, she does this to build an Infor-ready talent pipeline. ?Part of my role is to manage the company?s Educational Alliance Program in which we partner with colleges and universities on a global level and give students real-world and industry training so they can land jobs,? she says. She relishes this opportunity to help students and Infor staff to follow their dreams in obtaining and maintaining a career in the thriving IT industry.

Cadet is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and Penn State University, with a bachelor?s degree in sociology/race relations and an MBA in strategy and marketing, respectively. A soprano in her church choir, she held senior roles in the U.S. Education Marketing unit at Microsoft Corp. before joining Infor in 2012. ?The tech world is hard to navigate and can be a bit of the Wild West, but within Enablement, we help to define what the culture can be, and that really excites me,? she says.