Marsha Page of Marsha?s Makeovers is All About Empowering Women

Marsha PageMarsha?s Makeovers isn’t just about making money. The company, founded by Marsha Page, believes in empowering young women, so much so that it has spearheaded a movement called Pay It Forward.

And for Women’s History Month, it will host a free event in Brooklyn: ?A Celebration of Phenomenal Women, Paving the Way for Our Girls.? The event, which will take place on March 31, will salute young girls ages 7-18. A performance by Les Nubians is scheduled along with an All-Star panel and inspirational stories. The event will introduce successful women/mothers/mentors to more than 100 girls.

“I was inspired to do something to empower young girls who are coming of age, by showcasing successful women, mothers and mentors, who have amazing and inspiring stories to share. My hope is that they will be encouraged to be the best version of themselves,” explains Page. “In light of the negative images that we see constantly in the media, I felt a panel like this was much-needed. I decided to make the event free, so it would be accessible to all young girls who could benefit from the stories being shared. I remember, as a child, being inspired by strong women working in all facets of life, especially my mother who is no longer with us. Their passion sparked something in me that I have taken into adulthood to live out my dreams.”

Page wants to introduce young girls to a world of possibilities.

“Mentoring is important to me because you really get an opportunity to connect with a young person and impact their life in a positive way. Children are our future and any positive reinforcement they can get is vital and powerful,” explains Page.

Page is a celebrity makeup artist, whose work has been seen at the Tribeca Film Festival, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Bridal Fashion Week and Parents Magazine. She is currently the key makeup artist for BK Live!, a daily lifestyle and culture talk show airing on Brooklyn Independent Media.

?I became interested in entrepreneurship when I discovered my passion for makeup artistry. I knew that I had a passion to create looks not only to suit my image, but also to help others do the same,” says Page. “I was also dissatisfied with the career path that I had chosen and desired to do something more meaningful with my life, by starting my own business. I was inspired to create and form my company, Marsha?s Makeovers, Inc., because makeup came into my life when I was dissatisfied with my appearance. I gained beyond the normal college ‘Freshman 15 (pounds)’ and I was looking for ways to accentuate the features that I liked about myself! As I discovered ways to enhance my beauty, I felt as though I had been made over! That feeling sparked something in me to turn my experience into a business.”

Page has stood out among makeup artists, attracting numerous celebrities to seek her services. ?”I endeavor to always give my clients the most customized experience that they can have when it comes to their makeup look. I listen to them, because so often the intimidation that women tend to feel with regard to makeup is heightened after having the wrong experience,” Page points out. “By ‘wrong’, I mean being made over to the point that they don’t even recognize themselves. I believe that makeup should enhance one’s beauty. ?I use my professional experience to help women find a look that works for them – one they can be comfortable with.”

And Page has expanded her brand to meet client demands. “A lot of my clients don’t have a lot of time for a daily makeup routine, so I decided to help them by creating a makeup brush collection (The MM Signature Brush Collection) of 5 essential brushes to give them the look they desire,” she says.

Despite her successes, Page has had her share of business challenges. “My biggest business challenge is marketing…and getting my message of empowerment out there. My desire is to help as many women as I can realize their beauty and enhance it with makeup artistry,” she says.

But experiences has taught her valuable business lessons. “There is no such thing as an overnight success. Most financially successful business owners have been working for a very long time to build,? she shares. ?”I have learned that patience is a truly valued virtue for a small business owner and I have learned to take the journey to success one day at a time.”