Marlon J. Doles

Director, Executive Staffing and Diversity ? Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Inc. ?
Collegeville, Penn. ? Age: 36

Marlon J. Doles lives by the mantra ?Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.? Director of executive staffing and diversity at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Inc., he diligently applies that Golden Rule to his personal and professional endeavors and reaps the rewards of doing so, he says.

At Wyeth, a global leader in pharmaceutical and consumer and animal health-care products, Doles carries out the important task of acquiring the company?s executive talent, with a special focus on minorities. He works with the Office of Diversity to ensure that Wyeth is seen as an employer of choice amongst diverse populations. Prior to joining the company, he was a human resources executive at Campbell Soup Company and Aetna Inc. Prior to that, he was a consultant in diversity recruitment initiatives, playing a key role in the development of diversity-focused recruitment media plans, building diverse candidate sourcing solutions, strategic staffing initiatives and leadership development programs for clients.

Doles currently serves on the board of directors for Village of the Arts Society, a Philadelphia nonprofit organization that raises funds for the development of inner-city youth in various areas of the arts, including theater and dance. Doles is also an active committee member and mentor for the Urban League of Philadelphia Young Profession-als, where he coaches promising young men and women.

Armed with a strong will and dedication to his studies, Doles graduated cum laude from the University of South Carolina with a bachelor?s degree in mass communications, an accomplishment in which he is most proud. He advises those who are on their own journey to success to neither dwell in the past nor dream of the future. ?Concentrate the mind on the present moment because the present is something we can control. So live in the moment!? he says.