Marketing Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

marketing budgets No Marketing Budget? No Problem

The right kind of advertising can elevate your business to new heights, and it does not have to cost a fortune to achieve this result. That’s especially good news during these tough economic times, when extra marketing funds can be tough to come by and consumers are spending less and less. When they are ready to spend, you want your business to be the one they think of, and following these marketing tips will put you ahead of the competition without breaking your budget.?

Market Everywhere

Every interaction you have with another person is an opportunity to market your company ? for free! Craft and perfect a compelling elevator pitch that grabs the attention of your listener in just a few seconds, then spends the next minute really selling your services or products. It may take time to perfect an effective pitch, but it will pay off when it creates new business opportunities.?

Think Locally?

People like to do business with companies that are committed to the community, and getting active in your local area builds a positive reputation while giving your business a human side. Get these benefits by sponsoring a local fun run or a Little League team. Think about where your customers spend their time, then create opportunities to spread your marketing message to them in a way that both grabs their attention while supporting something they care about.?

Invest in Video Marketing

Video is the marketing medium of the future, and although the initial investment may be high, it is one that pays off every single time a potential customer clicks ?play.? Unlike print ads and many other marketing mediums, videos live forever. This means your one-time investment will continue to benefit your company long after you say ?that’s a wrap.??

Get Social

Social media is essentially free, and it is one of the most valuable tools for marketing on a shoestring budget. Create branded business accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, then use them regularly to promote your products and engage your customers. Ask them questions, respond to comments and offer your followers special deals. It won’t cost you much, but the returns will help your brand and market reach grow.?

Build a Buzz?

Next time you launch a new product or host an event, build a buzz for your business by contacting local media and websites or publications that are dedicated to your industry. You don’t have to hire a professional public relations firm to do this work, and you can save thousands of dollars in your marketing budget each year by handling it yourself.?