Marketing of Jay-Z?s New CD Seen as ?Revolutionary?

Jay-z samsung dealThe release of rapper Jay-Z?s new CD, Magna Carta Holy Grail, is reportedly tied to a $5 million marketing deal with Samsung wherein the tech giant purchased 1 million copies of the CD for Samsung Galaxy owners to download early. According to one report, the Recording Industry Association of America ?has amended their rules because of Jay-Z and the disruption he hath wrought once again, and now digital sales of all albums will be eligible for record-status certification on their release date.?

This is good news for the Brooklyn born-rapper. RIAA eligibility rules dictate that once 1 million copies of an album are purchased, it is eligible for platinum status.

With the album?s official release date set for July 9, it?s possible that it could have already gone platinum. If so, this would be a first in the industry.

With 11 albums (soon to be 12) and 17 Grammy awards under his belt, Jay-Z has never had problems moving units or reaching the upper eschelons of certification status. But still, it will have changed the way the music industry does digital.?

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