Managing Up: A Sure Way to Reach the Top of the Corporate Ladder

Try managing up to give your career a boost.

Managing up,
or going above and beyond the tasks assigned to you to enhance your boss’s work,
can be good for your career. By mastering this technique, you can prove your
worth as a valuable and indispensable asset to your organization, gain an edge
over the competition and enhance your chances of being considered for a
promotion. Managing up also enables you to communicate well and build
a stronger relationship with your boss

Needless to
say, having a great relationship with your boss allows you to work more
efficiently. Since you will be known for your willingness to stretch yourself
above and beyond what is expected of you, you can always ask for more
responsibilities to increase your chances of getting a promotion.
Alternatively, you can also air your situation if you find yourself overwhelmed
with too much work.

5 Tips for Successfully Managing Up Your

your boss.
You need to understand your boss to make this work. Know what he
or she is trying to accomplish in the organization, the traits he or she values
the most (both on a personal and professional level), and his or her management
style. Knowing the pressures and issues your boss face on a daily basis, as
well as his or her strengths and weaknesses can help you understand your boss

when you can pitch in.
Tune in to the natural rhythm of your organization
so you can anticipate when your boss needs help. Be on the lookout for
emergency situations and identify situations that upset your boss. This will
give you a better insight on when your help is needed.

Build on
Support your boss in things that he or she is good at and
discuss how you can provide better support along these lines. Encourage your
boss to focus on activities which build on strengths and deliver the
organization’s goals and objectives.

Learn to
own up to your mistakes.
Instead of making lame excuses or putting the
blame on others when things go wrong, you should learn to own up to your
mistakes. While this may temporarily upset your boss, it can help you gain
your boss’s trust
and establish your reputation as a mature and trustworthy

the bigger picture.
If you are frustrated because you believe that you are
better than your boss, don’t fret. Remember, the best leaders surround
themselves with people who are brighter and better than they are.