Making the Cut


While hiring managers frequently are inundated with resumes for open positions, a new survey shows that only a handful of applicants actually make it to the interview stage. Executives responding to a survey said that, on average, they interview six candidates for each job opening. The survey developed by OfficeTeam, a company specializing in staffing and job-search services, included responses from 150 executives with the nation’s 1,000 largest companies. “Once you secure an interview, you’ve crossed a major hurdle and are one of only several candidates-from a field of many-under serious consideration,” says Diane Domeyer of Office Team. She offered these tips for a successful interview:

• Put yourself in the hiring manager’s chair. Emphasize a strong work ethic, motivation and a positive attitude during the discussion.

• Know how to handle tough interview questions. Take your time and keep your responses to these questions concise.

• Be yourself. Present an accurate picture of your skills and work style so you can ensure the right match.

• Focus on your value to the company. Discuss experiences and accomplishments that relate directly to the open position to demonstrate your ability to become an immediate contributor.

• Find your unique selling proposition. Know your strengths and emphasize those aspects of your skills and experience that will make you stand out from others vying for the job.