Making the Most of Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile strategyMobile Marketing Strategies that Work

The number of smartphones currently in use is over one billion, and more and more people are using mobile devices to connect with businesses. Mobile marketing is now a necessity, and it is one of the best ways you can attract, engage and keep your customers. Although the mobile landscape is constantly changing, you can get in on the game now with these tips and strategies.?

Make Your Website Mobile Responsive?

Mobile responsive websites perform and look flawless on a variety of devices, not just on PCs. If your site is mobile responsive, customers get a rewarding, visually appealing experience when they visit your site on their iPad, mobile phone or tablet instead of getting frustrated at the lack of optimization and heading for your competition instead.?

The ideal mobile website is designed with the distracted and possibly hurried user in mind, does not ask for much data entry and loads quickly.?

Take Advantage of Holiday Trends?

Holidays are a great time to tap into new customers, many of which will become new device owners. Target new registrations to iOS or Google Play to deliver messages directly to new owners, offering them a free app download, a special discount for purchases made through their device or holiday deals. Make the offers time-limited to convey a sense of urgency.?

Keep it Simple?

The best mobile sites and apps are easy to navigate. After all, users are navigating with their thumbs and very small screens. Use the simplicity of an app like Instagram as a guide; the app is driven by tasks, and the design is very straightforward. That’s part of the reason it works!?

Use Text Messages Wisely?

Text message marketing can be effective, but it can also quickly become annoying. To avoid frustrating your users, offer something very worthy with the text messages you send. Users will best respond to time-sensitive offers or those that promise something exclusive. Helpful tips are also proven to get a positive response, but none of these messages should be sent too frequently. Limit your text message marketing to about two per month, then increase to weekly messages if the click-through rates are high and the unsubscribe rates are low.?