Make Your Life Easier with Google Now

google nowExplore the many ways by which Google Now can help make your life easier.

Google Now is designed to make your life a lot easier by bringing you all the information you need when you need it. Among other things, it can keep you informed on what the weather would be like and the volume of traffic that you may encounter on your way to or from work. It can even show you alerts and reminders without even opening the app.

Google Now can also help you remember where you parked your car, give you updates on your favorite team, and act as your translator. Needless to say, Google Now can help you with a lot of things and make your life a lot easier. Here are some other ways by which you will find it helpful.

It can aid in your research. Google Now tracks your search queries, collects them in a single Card or web page, and presents it in such a way that makes it easy for you to explore related content.

It enables you to share your location with family and friends. Through its Location Sharing feature, Google Now allows users to share their location with their circles. Google Now also allows users to let their circles know where they are in their latest commute. This feature is especially useful for city dwellers who usually get caught up in traffic and experience public transport breakdowns.

It takes the stress out of traveling. Instead of looking like a tensed traveler, Google Now can help you look like a savvy flier by automatically providing your reservation information the moment you land at your destination. With Google Now, there would be no more fumbling for your hotel address, flight bookings, car rental details and restaurant reservations.

It keeps you informed on how far you?ve walked. If you have enabled Location Reporting and Location History on your Android smartphone, Google Now will show you how far you’ve walked or biked on a given month based on your phone’s accelerometer.

It can help you stay up-to-date on movies and TV shows. You can use Google Now to remind you when your favorite shows or movies will be aired. If you have a network-connected TV, you can even tell Google Now to listen to what you are watching so you can get more information about the show.

It can remind you of virtually everything. Google Now allows users to set quick reminders and even attaches a location to the reminder.

It can help make shopping a breeze. Google Now can assist you while shopping ? whether it may be online or off. It can help you track packages you have purchased online, tell you what stores are available as you walk into the mall, and even inform you if a store near you offers a product you have recently searched online.

Google Now can make you life a lot easier in more ways than one. Are you ready to try what it can do for you?