Make Your Company’s Online Experience More Engaging

companyQ: What’s a fun way to make your company’s online experience more engaging for your customers?

Focus on customer experience at every touch point. “To truly be engaging toward a certain demographic or customer base, we must take a step back and remember to observe the customer journey from their unique perspective. The best Web experiences don’t happen by accident. They take a remarkable amount of strategy and creativity to produce something that can live in their hearts and minds. Remember, one size does not fit all when it comes to customer experience.” Steven Picanza, Latin&Code

Get feedback in a playful manner. “At we like to engage with our members by finding out their likes and dislikes. We put up quizzes and get their thoughts and feedback. That’s how we know where their interests lie, while giving them some entertaining personality insight. It’s a win-win for everyone.” Jessica Baker, Aligned Signs

Hire a blog team. “We have a team of 10 bloggers who create fun, engaging content about our products and healthy eating in general. Having a content-rich site makes it much more likely that people will spend more time there, and your site will rank well on search engines.” Lisa Curtis, Kuli Kuli

Be deliberate with design. “We live and breathe good design here at Trippeo. Design is so much more than cute graphics or a good color scheme. Great design means your user is buoyed along the process without needing to search or feel lost. They accomplish their goal, and the ‘fun’ comes from the ease and achievement. Nothing is more fun that having an effortless experience.” Adarsh Pallian, Trippeo

Interview industry experts on podcasts. “While most of our content is written, we recently launched a podcast of our own and it has brought a huge amount of value and engagement into the business. Now instead of just reading our content, our audience can listen to us speak with other industry experts and build that personal connection. At the same time, each person we interview also shares our content with their audience.” Zac Johnson,

Host contests related to your product or service. “We host contests multiple times a year to engage both our target audience of children and our target buying audience of parents and teachers. One example is an annual writing contest where we define topics related to the games that we’re actively building. Teachers and parents like that the kids are writing, the kids like winning game consoles, and we get direct feedback on the topics related to our games.” Coy Yonce, Mantis Digital Arts

(Source: TCA)