Make Legitimate Music On Your Phone

MUSUSE YOUR PHONE for more than just listening to tunes. With the right tools, you can be an artist too.



The synth pioneers at Moog give the signature sound of their analog keyboards the digital treatment with this stellar app. Its infinitely customizable controls will impress pros, and its expressive playability will delight even nonmusicians. $6 (iOS)

Caustic 3

Combine 14 synths and 16 audio effects to create funky keyboard sounds and sparkling melodies. The knobs, sliders, blinking lights, and virtual patch cables impart a note of skeuomorphic charm. $10 (Android, iOS)

Song Builders


This app records snippets of noise?a piano chord, a hand clap, a cat’s meow?and plops them into colorful onscreen blocks. Arrange the blocks to make a beat, a melody, or an entire song. $3 (Android, iOS)


Start by picking an instrument?myriad drum, bass, and ?lead? sounds are offered?then tap to play. Build a song in layers, overdubbing each part. It’s virulently addictive and, since it fixes flubs on the fly, incredibly forgiving. Free (iOS)



This multitrack recorder captures your inspired moments in CD quality. Lay down instrumental parts, sing on top, then mix and EQ the results. There’s even a guitar-amp emulator for that epic solo after the bridge. $5 (iOS)

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