Make 2017 Your Best Year at Work!

workHere?s a great New Year?s Resolution. Make 2017 your best career year ever. Believe it or not, it won?t be that challenging. With a few key steps you can actually achieve this goal, unlike your resolution to hit the gym daily.

Realize you have lots to learn still. The more curious and open you are to learning new skills and new things about your field, the more valuable you will be to your company. ?Be coachable / teachable. If you have a teachable personality and are open to feedback from leaders they’ll be more willing to share their wisdom and expertise. They’ll note your willingness to accept feedback and will be more encouraged to approach you with new opportunities,? notes career expert Jessica Holbrook, President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast.

She continues, ?Be a lifelong learner. If you work in an industry that changes frequently or where ongoing skill development is necessary or recommended be willing to take additional courses, certifications, online training or whatever other learning opportunities are available. Employers take notice of which employees are willing to grow and learn and will remember them when new positions open.?

To make this your best career year ever, you can?t remain complacent. You have to make some moves and take action. Be proactive. Employers love proactive employees who take initiative and have a solution to a problem without being asked. When a promotion opportunity arises these are the people who are offered promotions first. The employees who are willing to learn and grow, graciously accept feedback and who are proactive to resolve issues as they arise without being asked are the first ones I think of when new opportunities come up within my company they are also the FIRST ones that I will create new roles for and because I can trust them and I know they’re loyal I am more willing to invest in their ongoing training and development within the company,? ?Hernandez points out.

Don?t keep your ambitions to yourself. Let your manager know you are looking to move up and looking for new opportunities within the company. ?Let management know about leadership experience that you have outside of work.? Even if employees have not had the opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills on the job, other experience may be persuasive.? For example, an employee may have taken on a leadership role in a professional association.? Or the employee may have used his or her leadership ability in the community.? I had a client who was in finance, and he headed the finance committee of his homeowners association.? This is relevant experience and can help an employee build a case for a promotion,? explains career coach Cheryl E. Palmer, owner of Call to Career.