M.B.A. Series: Educating Youth On The Global Business World

MBA forum insideLast year, Harvard Law School alumni Dr. Raye Mitchell, actor and author Hill Harper, and social media entertainment executive Lisa Jones Johnson created The M.B.A. (Motivated Brilliant Achievers) Series and The M.B.A. Series Executive Discussion Forum. They launched the series to help train the next generation of global leaders in entertainment, education, philanthropy and business segments.

Now, they are gearing up for this year?s 2013 national tour. Details will be revealed during The Soho Loft-sponsored crowd-funding panel at the Thomson Reuters Partner Connect Conference to be held April 3-5, 2013 at the Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center in Boston, MA.

?The M.B.A. Series exists to prepare the new generation of global leaders of color with skill sets in innovation and leadership excellence by connecting the next generation of leaders with resources, cutting edge training and the ?inside tips? to achieving success,? says Dr. Mitchell, author of the new book The Laws of the New Game Changers: How to Make Breakthrough Impacts That Take You Forward. ?We are breaking from the traditional models utilized in looking for and implementing solutions for our youth of color. The old models and the old thinking are waning and increasingly ineffective. Our goal is to create an enterprise that generates marketplace value while supporting three foundations and social causes that sponsor educational excellence,? she says.

According to Mitchell, the MBA Series is a multi-platform, social entrepreneur project that interweaves innovation, social media, crowd-funding, new book publications and new entertainment/TV products together to create new and different tools to support youth and educational excellence.??

The series is also launching a new reality TV project, The Biggest Game Changers. ?It is a game changer as to generating positive and value-driven reality TV products,? says Mitchell. ?Unscripted reality TV continues to be a high growth genre in the entertainment segment. Why not use it to create something of value????

She says she hopes the TV project will spread not only the word about the M.B.A. Series but the need for young people to be ready for the global business arena. ?We look to ignite and excite the investment community and a few networks to take a look at our projects. We are seeking angel investors for The Biggest Game Changers. We want to capture the attention of the networks that are seeking innovation and are looking and responsive to fresh thinking from new players,? she says.