Low-Cost Home Improvement Projects that Can Help You Save Money

Little ways to save on your energy costs.

Undertaking some home improvement projects can help you save on energy costs, improve comfort in your home and reduce your carbon footprint. So, while such projects such as installing solar panels, residential wind turbines and energy-efficient windows require you to make a significant investment, the savings that you will get from reduced-energy costs will more than make up for the difference over time.
So, what if you don’t have enough money to spend on these renovations? Are there any other ways by which you can save energy without breaking the bank? Well, you’re in luck. There are a lot of low-cost projects that you can undertake to help you save energy around the house. Here are some of them:
Insulate your water heater. Since water heating accounts for about 18% of your energy bills and is considered the second largest energy expense in a typical American home, saving energy along this line can translate to significant savings. However, if buying a brand new energy-efficient water heater is out of the question, you may want to insulate your hot water pipes and wrap your water tank with an insulating blanket instead. For all you know, this simple step can help you save between 4% and 9% on your subsequent water heating bills.
Use energy-efficient lighting. Energy-efficient bulbs may be more expensive as compared to regular bulbs but they can help you save about $6 per year on your energy bills. In addition, they last for about four to ten times longer than regular bulbs so, at $3 to $15 per bulb, this one is definitely a no-brainer.
Install a programmable thermostat. According to the Energy Star website, this simple device can help you save anywhere between $150 and $180 per year. This is huge considering that the cost of these devices starts at about $20.
Know how to use your dishwasher properly. Fill your dishwasher before running it. Don’t turn on the heated dry option. Instead, pre-rinse your dishes or install it directly beside your refrigerator. If your dishwasher is just a few years old, you should also consider cleaning it regularly to further save on energy.
Consider installing a clothesline. Considering the fact that about 6% of the total energy consumed by typical American homes can be traced back to automatic clothes dryers, you may want to consider installing a clothesline and save about $85 on your annual energy costs!
Use a door sweep. Since a door sweep prevents air from entering and leaving your home, you can get significant energy savings by simply installing one. It only costs about $3.50 to $20 and is extremely easy to install.
Saving energy around the house doesn’t need to break the bank. Start with these simple projects and you can slash a considerable amount on your next energy bill.