Lots of Interviews but No Offers? It’s Time to Make Some Changes


Interviews, but No Offers? Here’s What You Should Be Doing Differently.

If you are getting called for lots of job interviews, but those interviews don’t lead to any job offers, something has to change. Your cover letter or resume is likely not the issue because you are impressing hiring managers enough to get past the first screening, so it may be time to focus on your interview skills, your references or something else that is not immediately obvious from your application or resume. Next time you get an interview but no offer, take these steps to make it a success:

Reach Out to Your References

You expect your references to be glowing, but what if you are wrong? If you have a professional-sounding pal that you trust, ask him or her to reach out to your references and see what they say. If they do mention something that could hold you back from landing a job, cross them off your list or reach out to your reference directly to try to come to a more neutral opinion of your skills and performance.?

Practice with Mock Interviews

Ask a friend or a professional you know well in your field to conduct a mock interview. Ask for specific feedback about the way you present yourself, and take the constructive criticism seriously. Keep practicing together until you’ve nailed it. You’ll go into your next interview with a new confidence that will wow your prospective employer.?

Get Feedback From Former Interviewers

If you had a rapport with someone who has interviewed you in the past, ask if you can pick their brain for a few minutes about changes you can make to become a better candidate. Reach out through email and say you want to better position yourself for similar positions, and make it clear that you are not asking for a second interview or a reconsideration. Simply ask for some professional insights that could help you land a job in the industry in the future. Offer to buy coffee or have the conversation over the phone to increase your chances of getting a ?yes.??

Reconsider Your Interview Prep

The more you prepare for an interview, the more likely you will ace it. Research the company and position thoroughly, and practice answers to predictable questions. If you can, know who will be interviewing you and understand their role in the company. Go into every interview with examples of successful past projects that relate why you’d be an asset to the company. With better preparation, the outcome of your interviews may change.