‘Lost Interview’ shows a younger, healthier Jobs

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) ? A recently discovered copy of a 1995 interview with Steve Jobs shows the Apple co-founder at a healthier time not long before he rejoined and revitalized the company.

There isn’t much new in “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview,” which is being shown at Landmark theaters in 19 cities starting Nov. 16. In a copy viewed by The Associated Press, Jobs discusses topics such as his anger at being ousted from Apple in 1985 after a clash with then-CEO John Sculley, and his irritation with competitor Microsoft Corp. These subjects have been covered elsewhere, and extensively in Walter Isaacson’s recently released “Steve jobs: A Biography.”

Ten minutes of the footage appeared in the 1995 PBS miniseries “Triumph of the Nerds.” The master tapes disappeared but a copy was recently found.