Lorene Cowan Helps People Fall in Love Via Cowan Introductions!

Lorene CowanLorene Cowan is in a unique industry. In short, she brings people together. In long, she changes people’s lives and loves. She owns an upscale matchmaking company in New York City called Cowan Introductions.

Cowan Introductions caters to the most elite and eligible bachelors in New York City and beyond. After having a not-so-satisfying experience as a client at a very high-end matchmaking company, she launched her own. After all, she always had a lot of experience dealing with people and personalities as a life coach.

“I was once a client for a very high-end matchmaking company, and did not receive the service I deserved as a paying client. I felt like ?a number? in a multitude of many. Therefore, my wishes went unheard and my thoughts and desires to find love through this vehicle were challenged. From this disappointing experience, it was clear that the high volume environment, which is common in traditional matchmaking agencies, could not offer the personalized service that is needed when connecting two people. But all experiences serve a purpose in this life?s journey and this experience wasn?t any different. A new desire emerged for me: the desire to improve the matchmaking experience.”

She felt the industry was a perfect match for her background. She had already established “Life Coaching by Lorene Cowan,” a lifestyle management company. “With my background in Life Coaching with a strong focus on relationships, I felt a strong desire to combine those skills which led me to start my matchmaking company. After deciding this was what I wanted to do, I became Matchmaking-certified and I realized all of my past experiences led me to this place,” says Cowan, who used her own savings to launch the company.

Still, getting into a new industry can be challenging. “One of my initial obstacles was that some viewed matchmaking as a ‘thing of the past’ and with social media and the dating networks that exist in today?s world, I found that match making styles could be seen as dated and old. So I continued to talk to professional men and women to determine what they wanted and needed that the industry lacked,” she explains. “My ‘mock dating’ approach along with the continuous feedback throughout the process allows me to have genuine relationships with all of my clients, showing them how important their growth is to me. My state of the art Concierge Service was also a welcomed addition.”

And despite being one of the few Blacks in the field, she forged ahead. “There are not many African American women in the industry. I suppose it can be an obstacle, but I haven?t allowed it to be,” she says.

When she launched, she reached out to her network to get clients. “I started out with my network of friends and colleagues which led to referrals. I have recently received clients through my advertising and marketing efforts,” she explains.

According to Cowan, her approach to matchmaking makes her company unique. ?”Most matchmaking services are very simple. They conduct a consultation and evaluation of their client, then search their database for a potential partner to match. They exchange numbers the day of the date and then leave the rest up to chance. My company, Cowan Introductions, offers a different type of matchmaking service/experience,” she points out. “Cowan Introductions differentiates itself from competitors by offering a concierge experience for our clients. For example, I am a Certified Life Coach. Before my clients meet their dates, I set up a coaching session with them to see if they are really ready for and open to a relationship. This is separate from their initial consultation.”

As you know, dating can be a nerve-wracking experience, so Cowan preps her clients for dating. “For the second step, I will have a mock date with them to test their dating skills. If they?re in need of a makeover, a stylist will be provided to help adjust their image. The third step is to set them up with a compatible match. Fourth, I will plan their date and set it up for them. After the date, I will have a conversation with both my client and his date for feedback to figure out the next step,” she shares.

Now that she has her footing in the field, Cowan is looking to expand. “I would love to establish Cowan Introductions as a strong presence in New York City and the tri-state area as it pertains to Matchmaking. Long term, I want to expand Cowan Introductions to other major cities while still providing individual attention to my clients,” she says.

Launching Cowan Introductions has been a life-changing experience for Cowan as well. “I love what I do and more than anything I love making a difference in the life of others. Connecting two people who belong together has been the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I could not be happier. There is nothing else I would rather be doing!” she says.