Looking for Employment? A Thriving Green Job Market Awaits

Green jobsObama?s administration is doing its best to get the American Jobs Act passed to guide the economy back in the right direction. Meanwhile, joblessness abounds, with around 14 million Americans unemployed. There is, however, one sector in the job market that is experiencing explosive growth. And it?s all green.

The Brookings Institution and Battelle?s Technology Partnership Practice published a report in July of 2011 detailing the current economy. The report defines green, clean, low carbon economy as any market that produces goods and services that benefit the environment. For instance statistical data on the green economy shows the following:

-??? Low to mid income wage earners will find more jobs at higher pay
-??? Opportunities are the greatest in the Southern and Western regions of the U.S.
-??? Green economy median wages are 13% higher than the rest of the economy
-??? Metro areas offer more opportunities than rural ones

New York, Los Angeles, Sacramento, D.C., and Akron rank in the top five for green jobs. However, opportunities exist in major cities across the nation and there is relative ease of entry into the clean job market. Individuals looking to take advantage of this record growth should research the types of jobs, as well as the training needed to enter them. The top 15 sectors within the green economy are conservation, public transit, waste management, professional environmental services, regulation and compliance, recycling and reuse, energy saving building materials, green architecture and construction, professional energy services, environmental remediation, wind, organic food/farming, HVAC /building control, solar photovoltaic, and biofuels and biomass.

Global warming is a real threat, and our efforts to reverse the damage we?ve inflicted on the planet have resulted in a booming green economy, with 2.2 trillion of private capital investment into the market expected by 2020. More individuals are making their purchasing decisions based on what?s good for the earth. As these trends continue, so does the projected growth for the clean and green economy. Individuals seeking to recharge their careers, should consider pursuing a job that falls within the green sector.