A look at Social Security’s disability program


WASHINGTON (AP) — A look at Social Security’s disability program:

About 13.6 million people receive federal disability benefits.

—7.6 million receive Social Security disability.

—4.4 million receive Supplemental Security Income.

—1.6 million receive both.


Social Security disability:

—Reserved for people with a substantial work history.

—Average monthly payment: $927

—Financing: A portion of Social Security payroll taxes (the rest goes to the retirement fund).

—Payroll taxes collected for disability program in 2010: $93 billion.

—Total benefits paid in 2010: $124 billion.

—Assets in Social Security disability trust fund at end of 2010: $180 billion.

—Year when trust fund projected to be exhausted: 2017.


Supplemental Security Income:

—Reserved for the very poor.

—Average monthly payment: $500.

—Maximum monthly payment: $674 for individuals, $1,011 for couples.

—Many states provide additional payments.

—Financing: General revenue funds.

—Total benefits paid in 2010: $48 billion.


Sources: Social Security Administration; Congressional Budget Office.