A look at Obama’s vacation time

President Barack Obama spent his first full day at Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., on Friday on his annual family vacation, scheduled to last through Aug. 27. Like other presidents, Obama has come under criticism for leaving Washington to spend time relaxing.

Here’s a look at how many vacation days Obama has taken (not counting trips to Camp David), compared with previous presidents at the same point in their presidencies.

The tallies were compiled by CBS News radio reporter Mark Knoller, whose unofficial but authoritative record-keeping is cited by the White House.

?Prior to his current Martha’s Vineyard trip, Obama had taken 10 vacations of varying lengths ? spanning all or part of 61 days.

?At the same point in George W. Bush’s presidency, he had made 26 visits to his Texas ranch spanning all or part of 180 days.

?At the same point in Bill Clinton’s presidency, he had taken two vacations on Martha’s Vineyard spanning 26 days and was starting a 21-day stay in Jackson Hole, Wyo.