A look at Ford CEO Alan Mulally

NAME: Alan Roger Mulally.

AGE: 66. Born Aug. 4, 1945, in Oakland, Calif.

HOMETOWN: Lawrence, Kan.

CURRENT HOME: Seattle (when he’s not in Dearborn, Mich., where Ford is based)

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Kansas in aeronautical and astronautical engineering, 1968 and 1969. Master’s degree in management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1982.

FAMILY: Married Jane “Nicki” Connell in 1970; five adult children.

CAREER: Joined Boeing Co. in 1969 as an engineer. Led the cockpit design team on the 757/767 jet. Vice president and general manager of the 777 program, 1992-1994; senior vice president of airplane development, 1994-1997; senior vice president and president of information, space and defense systems, 1997-1998; president of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, 1998-2005. Became CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes in 2001.

OBAMA ADVISER: Sits on President’s Export Council, which formed last year to advise President Obama on ways to increase U.S. exports.

HOBBIES: Former private pilot. Enjoys tennis, golf and reading.

WHAT HE’S READING: “The Speed of Trust” by Stephen Covey.

WHAT HE’S DRIVING: Mulally drives a different car every day.


HIS MORNING COFFEE: Tall, double, wet cappuccino with one Splenda extra hot, “made with loving hands.”

WHAT’S ON HIS OFFICE WALL: A copy of a 1925 Ford advertisement in the Saturday Evening Post that shows a family on a hill overlooking a massive Ford factory complex. Mulally’s inspired by the slogan, which captures founder Henry Ford’s vision: “Opening the Highways to all Mankind.”

WHAT’S IN HIS POCKET: His Ford ID badge and a dog-eared copy of the “One Ford” card he had printed for all employees. It details his expectations that they work together, accelerate the development of cars and trucks and grow profitably.

PROUDEST MOMENT: When Bill Ford asked him to serve as CEO of Ford Motor Co., which he considers “an American and global icon.”