LinkedIn Reaches One Million Member Posts

Early last year, we gave every LinkedIn member in the U.S. the ability to publish posts on LinkedIn ? and the response was swift and enthusiastic. We?ve just reached one million posts, featuring the unique insights and experience-based wisdom of professionals like you.

But our plan was never to stop there. We want each one of our more than 330 million members to be able to share their insights with other professionals across the globe.

We?ve taken another big step toward that goal as we expand the ability to publish on LinkedIn to all members in English-speaking countries. That?s 230 million people around the globe who can now tell their stories, show their expertise, and express their ideas on LinkedIn.

Each week, members publish more than 40,000 posts on average. Posting on LinkedIn is a powerful way for members to underscore their expertise in their respective fields, extend their professional reputations beyond LinkedIn, and have valuable conversations with the largest group of engaged professionals ever assembled.

Now, these members will have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of their peers ? people like Tom Stevenson in the UK, who shared How to Negotiate Like Harvey Specter; India?s Avinash Murthy, who analyzed the ALS #IceBucketChallenge social media phenomenon; Paul Petrone in the US, who articulated The Genius of Wearing the Same Outfit Every Day; and Emma Hill in Australia, who provided experience-based advice on the recruiter/hiring firm relationship.


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