Lighten Your Load with Time Management Tactics

time management, work smarterManaging your time is about simplifying the way you work, relieving stress and getting tasks done faster.

Who wouldn’t love less stress at the office, a more enjoyable work day and a few extra hours of free time on the weekends? The key to reaching these goals is to work smarter, not harder, and time management is one of the best ways to do it. Managing your time is about simplifying the way you work, relieving stress and getting tasks done faster. Follow these tips to find enough hours in the day to do everything you want!?

Start with the Worst Tasks?

Start your day by completing the one or two tasks you most dread. They may be unpleasant, they may be boring, but they will be a thing of the past if you tackle them right away. You can spend the rest of your day working on more pleasing tasks, and your day won’t be filled with dread.?

Just Say ?No??

Learning to say ?no? is one of the most important keys to managing your time and relieving stress. It’s great to be able to juggle different projects at once, but at some point, you have to decline an opportunity to stop yourself from becoming overwhelmed. Take on only those projects which you care about and actually have time for.?

Get Plenty of Rest?

Sacrificing sleep is at best a temporary way to increase productivity. The long-term effects of not getting enough sleep are more detrimental to your productivity than the few extra hours you manage to squeeze out of a day, so get at least seven to eight hours each night to function your best.?

Stay Focused?

Keep your attention on the task at hand by closing your browser windows, turning off your phone and working in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the task and don’t distract yourself with anything else.?

Focus on the Big Picture?

It is easy to get bogged down with unimportant details. Instead of focusing on perfectionism, stay concentrated on the bigger picture. Press onward, complete the bulk of the project, then go back to the details.?

Give Yourself a Deadline?

Instead of beginning a project with an indefinite timeline, set a deadline for yourself. With a time limit, you will be more efficient and focused. If it is difficult for you to focus on one task at a time, start slowly. Set a timer for just ten minutes, then gradually build yourself up to more time.