Life Coaching Your Kids

Pervis TaylorA new parenting trend seems to be hiring life coaches for kids. The life coaches work on building a child?s self esteem and even to prepare them for their futures, but according to life coach Pervis Taylor III, author of ?Pervis Principles Volume 1 and 2,? which are available on his website, you can do this on your own.

?I believe every parent should have a coach inside them. Parents are many things and a coach should be included. A life coach, in short, is a person to help you maximize your human experience and unearth your potential. How does this look parentally? It could be done in a setting outside the house like trips to a nice restaurant or going for walks or drives. It will require the parent to be more transparent and vulnerable. It can begin with the parent speaking their heart’s desire and vision for their child. The parent should be supportive of what their child’s goals are even if they may not agree at first. The goal is to get the child to open up and connect with their parents on a deeper level,? says Taylor, who is also the creator of the inspiration/life coaching mobile app, I-Inspire.

Figure out your coaching goals for your child and organize activities that will forge an atmosphere of trust between the parent and child. ?They (parent and child) can do coaching projects together like creating vision boards or life maps. This should be done consistently pending schedules, on a weekly basis. This is a good idea because it shows your child that you are sincerely invested in their development as humans outside of the normal parental role. Parents are banks of knowledge and wisdom and children should be able to withdraw from them when needed,? explains Taylor.

Among the activities you can do with your child: yoga, collaging, creating vision boards, dancing, visualizations and journaling. Use activities to teach your child such necessary life skills as managing time, setting and reaching goals, social skills, organizational skills, and self-awareness/self-esteem.

As for Taylor, he aims to continue his mission to help others. ?My long-term goal is to help young men of color to become emotionally whole beings who are emotionally intelligent and sure of who they are identity-wise. For my other clientele, I would like for them to achieve the same. To create a legacy, my future children can profit from both materially and spiritually. I want to be known as one of the best to ever do it,? he says.