Life & Career Coach Annette Johnson Wants to Help People to FLY

Annette JohnsonAnnette Johnson, founder of The FLY Coach, LLC, offers life and career coaching to people everyday. Now with her new book, FLY – Forgive and Love Yourself: A Path to Letting Go and Living with Inner Peace, available at Amazon, Johnson hopes to reach even more people, especially women.

“I decided to become a certified Life Coach.? The training changed my life.? I was required to look inward, and doing so helped me to reconnect with my true self.? I was empowered to let go of my limiting beliefs which helped me to create and live the life I desire,” says Johnson. “I wrote FLY because I want every woman to be empowered to soar above her road blocks to reach her destination.”

Johnson hopes women gain strength through her new book to move on from their past. “I want readers to know that they can make peace with their past.? You can forgive and love yourself to continue moving towards the life you want, despite your circumstances,” she explains. “FLY shares a process for how to let go, live with inner peace and love yourself.? The exercises and 31-day journal help readers go inward to discover their true identify to create the life they desire.”

According to Johnson, women still face challenges in the corporate world. “I think work/life balance is still an obstacle, despite the various programs offered.? I have spoken with women who feel they have to work hard to manage the perception that women are primarily responsible for taking care of home and children.? Women fear being passed over for opportunities or promotions because of this perception,” she notes, adding that African-Americans must deal with unique obstacles.

“There is a perception that advancement to more senior ranks are minimal for Black women.? Again, whether false or true, managing to that perception can be challenging,” says Johnson. But she offers advice on how to overcome these roadblocks. “My advice would be to be aware of your strengths and leverage them to move outside your comfort zone.? Don’t be afraid to try something new.? Seek opportunities that showcase your strengths and talents.? Expand your network so you can have a diverse perspective.? Identify problems that you can solve.? Don’t be afraid to blossom where you are planted.? Define success for yourself vs. trying to attain someone else’s level of success.”? ??

As far as succeeding as a small business owner, Johnson says focus and planning are key.

“Have a vision, create a mission statement and develop a strategic action plan for your business.? What do you want your legacy to be?? What do you want your company to be known for?? What do you want your customers to experience or say about their experience?” asks Johnson. “My advice is to know who you want to be as a business owner and then live it everyday. “

(Photo Credit:?Yasmeen Anderson Photography)