Let?s Play Ball

marinersLast week marked the opening of Major League Baseball as there?s no union strife the way the NFL is experiencing. There?s no Collective Bargaining discord that could hinder the season. But in some parts of the country the weather isn?t cooperating. Some parts of the country, basically most states above Florida on the east coast there are still threats of snow and cold rain. That?s not too unusual considering some games tip off at the very end of March and early April where spring has hardly sprung. Many people may wonder why the season starts so early. That?s a great question and the answer to that is Major League Baseball in the early 1960?s expanded from a 154 game schedule to a 162 game schedule.

There was a need for it as more teams were born into the league. To date, like the NBA, there are 30 teams in Major League Baseball. The way some teams have played in recent years that may be 10 or so teams too many.? But with so many teams gracing the cover of the country, money is being made. In most cases as long as you have teams such as the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers visiting there will be sellout crowds that will generate revenue. Baseball teams will visit their opponents? home field and play a minimum 3-game series. If teams can fill a 50,000 plus seat stadium at an average cost of $50.00 per ticket and factor prices for parking and concessions and team merchandise, a bundle of cash is made.

It isn?t a bad thing as baseball is said to be America?s favorite pastime. It?s not as fast paced as basketball and football but it?s a tradition that spans generations. And it?s also a sport that can be participated even in advanced ages.

Also of note is that Major League Baseball has a form of revenue sharing so teams that don?t have high payrolls and are in cities without major marquee stars can continue to compete. But, make no mistake again the owners of these teams are making money which is the American way.

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