Lentz Merisier

Age: 34, Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing Group
Chartis, New York City

In his role as senior vice president of the Commercial Casualty Strategic Marketing Group at Chartis, Lentz Merisier is responsible for the development and execution of the unit?s overall strategic initiatives. He oversees Commercial Casualty?s three main industry practices ? transportation, construction and real estate vertical ? and manages the group?s impact accounts, broker key performance indicator results and company cross-sell initiatives.

Merisier joined Chartis right out of college in 1997 as an underwriting assistant and quickly rose through the ranks of the organization, taking on roles of increasing responsibility within the Risk Management Group, Mergers & Acquisitions Unit, Environmental and Transportation Industry Practice. He describes the recipe for his impressive career trajectory as part luck, part sacrifice, part hard work and dedication, and part acceptance and collaboration. ?I realized early on that knowledge was key,? he says. ?It wasn?t simply a matter of academic knowledge that drove my success, but my ability to apply knowledge, learn quickly and communicate what I have learned.?

But in an organization that values hard work and resourcefulness, he had plenty of help, he concedes. ?Of course, I cannot take all the credit. I was fortunate to be surrounded by talented people and managers I could approach, ask questions and receive guidance from,? he insists.

Merisier received a bachelor?s degree in business management and economics from SUNY Stony Brook and a master?s degree in finance from New York University. In his current position for less than a year, his immediate focus is having a positive impact in the role and in the organization overall. However, ?My exposure and visibility have fortunately left any door open for me,? he says. ?When the next opportunity knocks, I will make the most of it.?

Fun Facts

Favorite singer: Marvin Gaye
What artist would you go on tour with: Wyclef Jean
Favorite food: Pasta
First job: Shirt presser at a dry cleaner
Spectator or athlete: Athlete
SUV or Hybrid: Hybrid