Legendary Civil Rights Leader, Dr. Amelia Boynton Robinson at the United Palace

Amelia Boynton RobinsonDr. Amelia Boynton Robinson, a civil rights legend, was beaten, tear-gassed and left for dead during the historic fight for voting rights in Selma in 1965.? The attack on her is vividly captured in the recent film ?Selma,? where she is portrayed most rewardingly by Lorraine Toussaint.? But folks have an opportunity to see and hear Boynton in the flesh, and her glorious 103 years on Sunday, June 14 at the United Palace in Washington Heights.

Boynton, in a wheelchair, was also seen crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge with President Obama during a 50th anniversary celebration of that episode last March.

Her appearance at the United Palace House of Inspiration will occur under the direction of Spiritual Leader Xavier Eikerenkoetter who is Boynton?s cousin, as was his late father, the revered Rev. Ike.

The event is scheduled to start at noon and visitors will get a chance to experience the presence of a woman who has dedicated her life, almost sacrificing on several occasions, for peace and justice.

A free screening of the film ?Selma? is Friday, June 12th, at the Palace at 7:30 pm.

The Palace is located at 4140 Broadway at 175th Street, a stop on the ?A? train and 181st Street on the ?#1? train.?