Law Professor Chuck Henson to Lead Diversity Efforts at University of Missouri

Chuck HensonOn the heels of ongoing debates and protests by University of Missouri students and faculty alike, Chuck Henson has been named Interim Vice Chancellor of diversity and inclusion.

Henson is a law professor and associate dean at the university’s law school. Recently, the State Supreme Court appointed him to a new Commission on Racial and Ethnic Fairness. Henson spent much of his career working in anti-discrimination law. Prior, he worked in the attorney general’s office.

The news comes as two university employees, university president Tim Wolfe and chancellor of the Columbia campus R. Bowen Loftin, stepped down amid accusations of the administration not being proactive enough about racial problems, dating back years, on campus that recently led to a threat by the football team to go on strike.

The shakeup also includes the recent hiring of Mike Middleton as Interim President of the university.