Lauren P. Raysor, Esq.

Lauren P. Raysor,Esq.
Attorney, Author, and Motivational Speaker
Lauren P. Raysor, Esq. Private Law Practice
New York City

Lauryn P. Raysor is doing everything she has always wanted to do and says, ?The best is yet to come.? She heads her own law firm, which specializes in personal injuries, civil rights, family law and corporate, business and municipal legal services, and is an adjunct professor in the College Bound and Paralegal Program at Berkeley College in New York City. She is a gifted motivational speaker and author. Her book Living the Wealthy Life outlines her own strategies for achieving a life of success after growing up in a rough New York neighborhood in a turbulent time. Perseverance and not taking ?no? are part of those strategies. ?My achievements were not handed to me on a silver platter,? she says.

Raysor has a bachelor?s degree in business management from Long Island University and a Juris Doctor from Fordham University School of Law.? A former attorney for the City of New York and the State Attorney?s General?s Office, she has handled both high-profile and low-profile cases of negligence, consumer fraud and personal injury. She is a member of New York County Lawyers? Association, a former president of the Metropolitan Black Bar Association, a former chair of the Committee on Homelessness, and former adjunct professor at Long Island University School of Business.

Her career path has been deeply influenced by the Civil Rights Movement and her ancestral history. ?[I have] a deep-rooted spiritual love for my community and the people that surround me in my daily life,? she says. That love drives her to mentor people of all ages, especially the youth.? ?Keeping it real means connecting with the audience that needs to hear the message the most: young men and women who are right now making the choices that will determine their future success,? she says.