Larry Woodard

    Larry Woodard was appointed to the board of directors for Advertising Week, the largest gathering of advertising and media leaders in North America The Board, which is responsible for governance for the event consists of a number of top agency heads including Ron Berger, Rick Boyko, Chuck Porter and Linda Sawyer.

    Since its creation in 2004, Advertising Week has drawn thousands of participants from around the world to New York City for a week long think-tank comprised of over 200 different events, panels and discussions that focus on the power of advertising and its neighboring industries. The mission of Advertising Week is to inspire young people to join the craft; focus the industry and public at-large on the social impacts of advertising; address the most important issues facing the industry and shine a bright light on the business and economic influence of the advertising, media and marketing industries.

    This year, Advertising Week returns with a series of thought leadership seminars that address the leading challenges and areas of opportunity facing the industry including diversity, the economy, gaming, mobile, and the powerful influence of advertising and media on elevating social causes. The occasion also delivers a series of unique, high-profile daytime & evening special events and dedicated youth outreach programs including Operation Inspire and Advertising Futures.