Land Your Dream Job by Telling Your Story!

Telling your story in a job interviewIncrease your chances of getting hired by telling your story.

To impress your hiring manager, you need to tell your own story ? and you need to do it well. But what does your story have to do with your interview? How can it help you secure your position as a strong candidate for the job? You may not know it but impressing your interviewer with your story can move odds into your favor.?

While traditional interviews focus on determining your skills and competency for the position, modern competency-based interviews go a step further by asking questions that can help your prospective employer determine if your character fits the company’s corporate culture. By having your story (or stories) ready, you can provide solid evidence that validates the attributes you have listed in your resume and cover letter.?

In addition, it can also foster a strong connection between you and your listener and help you stand above the competition. If you can accomplish all these things by telling your story, you can be sure that you will have a greater chance of landing your dream job. So, how do you tell a story during your job interview? Here are some suggestions that can help you get started.

Tips in Telling Your Story during a Job Interview

Blend your stories. Your online story should validate your offline story. Your social network profiles and blog posts should strengthen and support the claims you made in your resume. You can make this possible by discussing your accomplishments online to legitimize your offline story. Just remember to keep your online and offline stories as similar as possible to build a strong personal brand and make it more interesting.

Let it show your strengths and capabilities. Your story should help you sell your accomplishments, share your passions and let your prospective employers know how you can add value to the company. It should clearly show why you should be considered for the position. However, if you don’t have any professional experiences that can help you demonstrate an attribute that is essential for the job, think of things you do outside of work that can help you showcase your talents.

Ask for Google’s help. There is a great chance that your interviewer will Google your name before the interview so you need to do the same to see what they will find when they do so. This will give you the time to remove any unwanted and potentially damaging results or help you come up with a satisfactory explanation during your interview.

Learning how to tell your story can help you get a step closer to landing your dream job so start working on your stories. It can be your key to success.