Land a Job Even If You Don?t Have Any Experience: 4 Useful Tips to Consider

JObsDon’t let your lack of experience keep you from your dream job.

Landing your first job in your chosen field or switching to a new industry can be a very tough challenge, especially if you don’t have a proven track record to back you up. Needless to say, going head-to-head with people who have considerably more experience can put you at a great disadvantage.

However, this does not mean that your lack of experience would make it impossible for you to land a job. It may take a lot of hard work and determination but you can get your first break even if you do not have years of experience in the field. Here are some helpful tips that can help you get the job.

Obtain relevant credentials. You can significantly increase your chances of landing a job by obtaining professional certifications, taking additional courses and attending highly targeted trainings, seminars and workshops needed for the position. According to the 2014 Social Recruiting Survey conducted by, about 69% of recruiters believe that hiring will become even more competitive in 2015 as a result of an increased demand for highly skilled workers.

In addition, obtaining a certification can also help increase a person’s earning potential. According to the 2013 IT Skills & Salary Report by Global Knowledge and TechRepublic, the average starting salaries for people with Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications range anywhere from $57,000 (for a Microsoft Technology Associate) to a little less than $100,000 (for a Microsoft Certified Architect) while the median annual earnings for Bachelor’s degree holders was pegged at about $57,000. Typically, employees with certifications earn $10,000 or more than those without.

Be an expert. Stay on top of what’s happening in your industry. Subscribe to the top websites and blogs to gain insight and information, and use Google Alerts to know the latest news. Share your opinions online to get your name out there. Demonstrating your knowledge and passion in your industry can help you can achieve an expert status in your field, and increase your chances of landing a job.

Use your network. Use social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with people who can help you land a job.

Work for free. Apply for internships or start volunteering in companies and/or non-profit organizations in your chosen industry. Once you are in, take the initiative to ask for more responsibility to better demonstrate your skills and gain valuable experience. Doing a good work can also help you build your network and increase your chances of getting your foot in the door.