Boxer Laila Ali Debuts Beauty Line

LailaShe is a champ in the boxing ring. Now, Laila Ali hopes to knock out her competitors in the world of beauty products. The world champion athlete, television personality and daughter of Muhammad Ali, Laila Ali has partnered with International Beauty Brands, a leader in the fragrance and personal care product manufacturing and distribution industry, to develop a signature line of beauty products.

The Laila Ali Lifestyle Brand, which ranges in price from $13 to $18 and includes a variety of hair care and skincare products, is available at select Sears and Walmart locations nationwide. ?Walmart is a perfect fit for my brand because I want it to be available to everyone.? I look at my line as a professional-grade line that you can buy at the everyday store,? says Ali.? ??

While the hair care program is designed for every woman, the products are targeted for the ethnic hair care market. The Laila Ali Derm Essentials skincare line includes everything from age-defying cream and tone equalizer to ultra-hydrating body lotion and face wash and moisturizer.??

?I struck a nice balance between creating a product that works really well and is earth-friendly and non-toxic. It?s professional grade, sulfate-free and it?s made with premium formulations,? says Ali.??

More is planned for the new brand, including a new?line that features a range of professional hair care and skin care products as well as?fragrances for both men and women, all set to hit stores later in the year. ?There will be additional products.?In fact, I?m in the middle of discussing product line extensions right now, specifically styling products, such as pomade, hair sprays and a shine serum,? announced Ali.??

The beauty industry is actually anything but new to Ali, who prior to becoming a professional athlete was a licensed manicurist who owned and operated her own nail salon. ?Many people don?t know that I was a licensed manicurist and I owned my own shop before I began boxing,? says Ali. ?So, creating my own line of beauty products has always been a goal.?Given that I worked in the beauty industry, I not only know what I like, but I know what the consumer likes and what really works. Also, although there are a lot of celebrity-licensed products in the marketplace today, there are not a lot of new choices for women of color.???

With African-American women spending a reported $9 billion annually on personal care products, the ethnic hair care and beauty products market is a lucrative one. It is also a market with many competitors. So how will Ali make her line stand out? ?Obviously, I will promote the line during anything I do from talk show appearances to print interviews. I just ran a promotion during the month of April where 10% of all sales were donated to the Environmental Working Group, and for the week leading up to Mother?s Day there was a great promotion as well,? she points out. ?Also, there will be significant promotion at the grass roots level, as product is shipping to more than 3,000 beauty salons around the country.?There is a massive campaign about to roll out to support the salons, but I?ll tell you about that at a later date!?Lastly, I?m about to launch, so check it out.?