‘Kool’ Nerd’s Lessons

Image credit: koolnerdclothing.comThe term ?social entrepreneur? has become more and more common since the advent of companies such as Tom?s Shoes and One Hope Wines.

The exciting part about the evolution of social enterprise is that companies everywhere are building businesses with philanthropy and important societal elements at their core — but let?s be clear, many of these aren?t non-profit businesses. In fact, many are building quite profitable companies while giving back at applause-worthy levels.

In case you?re not completely familiar with the term ?social entrepreneur? or enterprise, let?s go to our friend Wikipedia for a simple but informative comparison: ?Business entrepreneurs typically measure performance in profit and return, but social entrepreneurs also take into account a positive return to society.”

Pretty straightforward, right?

So how does one develop a social enterprise that acts like a full-fledged business but has the capacity to change the world through giving back? Well, I don?t know because I?ve never built a social enterprise. So I connected with Orane Barrett, founder of a New York-based inspirational clothing brand that is changing the meaning of a word that has a historically negative connotation — nerd.

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