Knicks Team Motto Should Be, ?Buy In?

Carmelo AnthonyThere was a time this past season, the Super Bowl winning season when the New York Giants were floundering and in the midst of turmoil and confusion.? They had started the season on a hot streak going 6-2 (six wins and two losses) then and hit a skid and lost eight straight games.? There were whispers that head coach Tom Coughlin was on the verge of losing his job.? It was said, the players didn?t like him and his time had run out.

But, lo and behold a funny thing happened along the way when the Giants had a record of 7-7 and facing more gloom and doom.? A motto was derived from a guest to the Giants (during team chapel session), a Union City High (New Jersey) School teacher by the name of Gian-Paul Gonzales and his password was, ?All In!?

People in and around the New York Knicks are questioning whether or not the return of Carmelo Anthony (he?s missed the past two weeks with a strained groin) will disrupt the team?s chemistry and winning (just won 8 out of last 9 games) concept.? The Knicks head coach, Mike D?Antoni thinks that is pure nonsense and he reasoned, ?We should be really good.? We just have to get there.? Our chemistry has to get right and everybody has to adjust to everybody.? That might not be perfect the first week, but the potential is there.? It is our job as coaches and their job as players to maximize our potential.? We have a lot of [good to very good] players; some might not play the end of the game, [during crunch time] some might play 10 minutes while some might play 20 minutes, but we go with the feel.?

And that feeling should be, ?Buy In? by each and every one of the members of the team with the ultimate goal of winning a championship like their neighbors, the New York football Giants.