Kickstarter For Game Developers

kickTHREE OF KICKSTARTER?S BIGGEST winners are launching a crowdfunding site for games, one that will bring together fans and investors alike in a system of rewards-based crowdfunding and equity investing.

The site, called Fig, launched today with a campaign for the space exploration game Outer Wilds. Its advisory board includes three indie studio heads who have raised millions on Kickstarter for games like Wasteland 2 and Broken Age: Double Fine?s Tim Schafer, inXile?s Brian Fargo, and Obsidian?s Feargus Urquhart.

Several things set Fig (named for LA?s Hotel Figueroa, where many developers stay during the E3 Expo) apart. First and foremost, it?s focused exclusively on games, so campaigns can be customized to the needs of gaming projects. It?s highly curated and will include only those games reviewed and accepted by its board of experts. And Fig will have just a few campaigns running concurrently at any given time.

But the biggest difference is Fig will combine rewards-based crowdfunding with equity investing. Fans can support Outer Wilds to get rewards, but accredited investors can get a share of revenue once the game is released.?

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