Kickanotch Mobile CEO Joins Minority Broadcast Executives to Discuss Emerging Mobile Technologies and Issues Fueling Radio-Industry Growth

    Kickanotch Mobile CEO Joins Minority Broadcast Executives to Discuss Emerging Mobile Technologies and Issues Fueling Radio-Industry Growth

    Lynn and Digital Media Panel Unveil Innovations and Mobile Opportunities at National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters Event

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    KANSAS CITY, Kan., June 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Kickanotch mobile CEO Andy Lynn joined high-profile radio executives to, for the first time, publicly unveil the tremendous opportunities mobile applications bring to the radio broadcast industry. The National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters' (NABOB) 35th Annual Spring Broadcast Management Conference set the stage for the panel, which discussed the broadcast industry's most important technology trends, innovations, laws and issues.

    Lynn, as part of the Digital Media panel, addressed the implications and opportunities of mobile applications for radio, including monetizing mobile platforms and increasing revenue, audience engagement and brand awareness.

    NABOB Vice President Mike Carter of Carter Broadcast Group moderated the panel. Carter serves as president and general manager of the nationally acclaimed KPRS-FM and KPRT-AM, the nation's oldest African-American owned and operated stations.

    "You have to stay at the forefront of the market. Andy and Kickanotch have become our in-house mobile team, going well beyond a 'tech' company. They have exceeded promises and our expectations ten-fold," said Carter. "I was profitable with all my costs covered within 45 days of launch. The rest is pure net revenue ? that's hard to find these days. Because of these stellar results, I had to have Andy at this conference to share this opportunity with my colleagues."

    In the presentation, Lynn discussed the importance of mobile applications to the radio and media industry at large, including ease of implementation and the ability to target the mobile consumer and compete in the digital arena from anywhere in the world.

    "Our product enables our clients to increase revenues like no other media channel available today by providing ample mobile advertising inventory, and mobilizing their brand to compete in the 21st century," said Lynn. "I have deep roots in the radio business, and this experience allows us to offer a unique industry insight ? we understand the challenges our clients face every day in the marketplace, and our consultative approach allows us to grow together."

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