Kiante Young


Owner, Young & Doin’It Marketing
New York City
Age: 31


Kiante Young — writer, marketing and public relations maven and musician — is a true example of what the name of his company implies, Young and Doin’It. What began as a cable access show in Manhattan, Young & Doin’It has evolved into a marketing and publishing firm.


Young passed on the opportunity to study oral-maxillary surgery on a full scholarship at Columbia University in order to fulfill his dream of entrepreneurship. Within a few weeks of leaving dental school, he premiered Young, Black and Doin’It, a teen-oriented television show that featured celebrity interviews with an array of personalities, including Damon Dash, Ice-T, DMX, Andre 3000, LL Cool J and Jadakiss. Through the show, Young strived to encourage and empower youth. “Young & Doin’It describes anyone who is trying to become more than they are, although the odds are stacked up against them. That defines me and my business,”
says the multiaward-winning entrepreneur.


One of Young’s most prominent partners is The Coca Cola Co., in whose Ambassador program he participated to assist the company with its street promotions and branding. They later hired him to distribute the teen magazine, NYCene. Fleet Bank, ENYCE, Foot Locker, the New York Knicks and others have also solicited his expertise through Young & Doin’It. Young also published Young & Doin’It Magazine and a book of poetry entitled I Used to Be a Beast: The Autobiographical Poems of Kiante Young.


His newest venture is in footwear.  Known as “The Sneaker Mann,” Young has been featured on more than 250 media outlets nationwide, promoting the latest trends in sneakers. With plans to produce another television show, he says, “My goal is to secure a reality show that follows me as I travel America. Hopefully in five years my show will be on its fourth season. Also, I am developing a restaurant franchise.”


Fun Facts

Favorite book: “Dragon” by Clive Cussler
Countries visited: Japan, Hawaii
Favorite sport: Baseball